Android app to "Google" images

Some time ago I wrote a simple Android app to search for images using Google Search API, I thought it is worth sharing in case someone else needs to do the same. I had to create a custom search engine ( and create an API project ( to get set up. The rest is ordinary stuff you all know.

There is one thing to mention though: Using Java search API you have to specify the web sites you want to search in. You can’t search the whole Internet using this API. You could do this using image search API, but since it is deprecated it is not worth investing in.

The complete working code along with a pre-built .apk is also provided. I have implemented other interesting features too like search suggestions and infinite loading, which will become handy down for you the road.

Simply clone or download by clicking here. Please remember to change the search engine ID and API key with your own if you are using this code as a base.

4 thoughts on “Android app to "Google" images

  1. The Google Photos app is an absolute mess. The interface is terrible.

    The absolute awesome feature is great in principle, but it just doesn't work well. If you start an Auto Awesome, then wait, then go somewhere else, then come back, where has it gone? who knows?

    I'm sure the app will improve and eventually make sense, but they need to clean it up a bit first.

  2. Thanks for a great blog! Tried the code samples on a Nexus 7, observed that is_hardware_backed() returned 0 and KeyChain.isBoundKeyAlgorithm(“RSA”) returned false. A system update from Android 4.3 build number JWR66N to JSS15R fixed this, so is_hardware_backed() returned 1 and KeyChain.isBoundKeyAlgorithm(“RSA”) returned true. Best regards, Arne.


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