Let’s look like an idiot

I used to write a lot. I had been keeping a personal blog and a technical one for years. I moved house a few times, and every time I threw away a bunch of useless stuff. Now, I have completely ditched my personal blog and have kept only a handful of posts in this blog that might still make some sense. I was reading this book from John Z. Sonmez lately and I started wondering why I no longer write.


When I started my blog back in early 2010s I was tired of fining half-baked solutions that didn’t work. The author would throw out a few random things and you were meant to stitch them together in order to get something working but then you realize they missed a big piece of work. Off to the next entry in the Google search results (I’m sure Google was a thing then). When I wrote about something I also provided fully working code with it, which was pretty good and I was getting good feedback. I pretty much stopped doing that when I joined Atlassian.

That was a fairly big shift for me I think. After joining Atlassian back in early 2014, I suddenly realized “Oh shit, this place is out of my league”. I kept my head down, learning from people around me. In the first few months I was overwhelmed with the amount of information coming from the fire hose. Once thing settled down it was interesting to see when an advanced topic came up, not only people had heard about it but they also had a few ideas. After a while this became normal to me and every time I thought about writing, a sound in my head would say “what’s the point, you’re most likely going to be wrong!”. I couldn’t risk looking like an idiot. Once or twice I wrote about the side project I was doing, and that was all. I’m going to trying something new and start writing again. I might have a different perspective that might be interesting for some people. Yeah, let’s look like an idiot.


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